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My goal is to help my clients improve their home and improve their lives.  I accomplish this by providing high quality, trustworthy, and reliable services to homeowners who need help with a variety of home improvement, repair, and maintenance projects.  I achieve a high level of satisfaction when a project is completed professionally, on-time, and on-budget. 

My passion in home improvement began over 20 years ago as a construction volunteer and board member of a community development corporation – Light Street Housing Corporation – located in Baltimore, Maryland.  During my 6-year tenure, we demolished and rebuilt numerous historically old rowhomes in South Baltimore to transform them into low-income housing.  During this time, I was trained by many experienced craftsmen who volunteered their time to help others improve their lives.

As my life transitioned to the Eastern Shore, I continued to hone my skills maintaining my own home, volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, working on numerous improvement projects for Downtown Cambridge, and sharing my skills with friends and neighbors.

In 2010, I engaged in my largest home improvement project by assuming the role of general contractor for the renovation and expansion of my home in Woolford, MD.  It was during this two-year process that I worked with many of the region’s best craftsmen who provided subcontracting services to prepare the home for my finishing touches.  Once the property was ready, I completed the installation of hardwood flooring, interior and exterior door and windows, vinyl siding, tile, wood trim, light fixtures, ceiling fans, plumbing fixtures, door hardware and locks, shelving, storage organization, and decking.  Since moving into the property, I have completed additional improvements, repairs, and interior painting.  I have included a variety of photos of the work I have completed in both my home and other in the home of some of my clients.

I encourage anyone in need of home improvement services to reach out to me regardless of the project or need.  I can assure you that I will respond promptly, provide a fair and reasonable estimate, complete that project with high quality and attention to detail, and most importantly in a trustworthy manner.  As a licensed home improvement company (MHIC License Pending), fully insured with business liability and worker’s compensation, you can trust Hutchinson Home Services in your home at any time.  You can also be assured that I will only engage in projects that I am confident that are within my skillset and can only be completed with high quality…and if not…I am happy to help find the right solution.

-Tom Hutchinson, President and Owner

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